Goodbye Paradise

1991 Theatrical Movie

Billie Keale

In this "slice of life" about the closing of a fictional bar in Honolulu, also known as "Moon Over Paradise," Elissa plays Billie Keale, the bartender. There are several Five-O alumni in the show: Joe Moore, who is the bar manager, James Hong as the foul-mouthed Chef, Pat Morita as Ben, a homeless guy, and Dennis Chun, who plays an oily entrepreneurial type who owns the bar (his father, who owned it before him, is played in a voice-over by Chun's real-life father, the late Kam Fong!). There are also several Five-O actors in smaller roles, including Varoa Tiki, Richard Vales, Danny Kamekona, Kwan Hi Lim, Keo Hughes, Rod Aiu, and casting director Dick Kindelon.