I, The Deceased

Season One: Episode 14 -- First broadcast 1/28/2019

Kalea Stirling

When a fumigation company is sent to deal with pests in the cultural center on Robin Masters' estate, Teuila Tuileta (Amy Hill), the curator, meets the boss of the company, Dennis Sterling (Alex Morris), who she went to Kukui High with. She later talks to him and he tells her that he had "the biggest crush" on her and he would "love to reconnect." Teuila is hesitant, but later goes to Stirling's house where she encounters his wife Kalea, whom she also went to school with. Kalea is played by Elissa, who has a very brief part, just over a minute. Teuila is flustered, finding out Stirling is married, which he did not mention, and leaves.